Al Rayyan Private Schools

Al Rayyan Private Schools extends over an area of ​​more than 25 thousand square meters of modern buildings and playgrounds surrounded by vast green spaces for all grades from kindergarten to secondary school. The space is divided into two completely separate campuses for boys and girls, starting from the third grade.

Al Rayyan Private Schools adopts the Qatari curriculum as a basic curriculum as well as supporting learning resources for the English language in order to provide distinguished and advanced education that contributes to the development and education of our children in a modern and modern way and in accordance with the traditions and ethics of the Qatari society, in our endeavor to contribute to achieving Qatar Vision 2030, as education is the first measure For the cornerstone of human development in any country.

And based on the vision of Al Rayyan Private Schools that “modern education is a right for all,” the financial fees have been determined to suit all segments of the Qatari society, in addition to facilities in payment and the possibility of monthly installments.

The school provides the possibility of accepting visiting students from the children of Qatari women and Arab communities and facilitates registration requirements.




Area: 53 – Street: 280 – Building: 20

Phone: +974 3111 6600 – +974 3111 7700
P.O.Box: 6036